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Schüler im Klassenzimmer

Ely English Medium Nursery School and Tutition Center near Arusha in Tanzania

Nursery, primary and grammar school, vocational training


A private school for poor children (including the four AIDS orphans in the first row in the photo left), founded in September 2009 by my friend Essau Malisa (standing besite the building), a teacher from Arusha.





Das Schulgebäude



























Schüler mit Lehrerinnen


The donations shall support the financing of teachers as well as the costs of furniture and educational materials. The donations will also support the planned purchase and operation of a school bus to bring children from the villages to school.

Donations in Germany can be deducted (in Germany up to 200 euros the payment voucher is sufficient, at higher amounts for the donation receipt please take a short to me. If you donate via the online form, you will automatically receive a donation receipt from Misereor.)



















The city of Arusha is located south of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.


The school is located in the suburbs.

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